Pressure (PR) Measurements

NSCL maintains a set of pneumatic and hydraulic pressure balances operating in both gauge and absolute modes as the reference measurement standards of pressure for Syria and for the dissemination of the unit of pressure. NSCL can provide pressure calibration services of a wide range of pressure standards and measuring instruments, such as:

  • Pressure balances (hydraulic, pneumatic);
  • Manometers;
  • Pressure calibrators;
  • Pressure transmitters (two-wires, three-wires, four-wires);
  • Pressure transducers (two-wires, three-wires, four-wires);
  • Pressure gauges;
  • Vacuum gauges;
  • Differential pressure transmitters;
  • Differential pressure gauges;
  • Pressure switch;
  • Blood pressure gauges (Aneroid sphygmomanometer, mercury sphygmomanometer);
  • Barometers.
Measured quantity/Calibrated item Range Expanded uncertainty (k=2)
Absolute pneumatic pressure [5 ~ 200] kPa (abs) 0.01% or 3 Pa (whichever larger)
Positive pneumatic pressure [4 ~ 35000] kPa 0.0001
Negative pneumatic pressure (vacuum) [-80 ~ 0] kPa 0.0005
Hydraulic pressure [1 ~ 160] MPa 0.0001

For gas pressure calibration, the pressure medium will be nitrogen or air. Our procedures are based on Euramet cg-3 for calibration of the pressure balance and DKD- R6-1:2003 for other types of pressure instruments. On site services are provided for a wide variety of pressure measuring instruments.

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